What is Branding?

Since Glacier Graphics & Web Design changed to Open Avenue Design + Branding, I’ve heard quite a few people ask what is branding?
No, we do not go around searing the back side of cows with hot metal irons. Branding is referring to “brand” as in brand name clothing, electronics, etc.

What we do is help establish a brand. At one point every brand that people instantly recognize today, like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple were just ideas. Those ideas and small businesses grew to become the giant corporations they are today. But, they didn’t grow by accident. Of course hard work and a quality product is important for any business, but if no one knows about a product it doesn’t matter how good it is. No one will buy it. These companies developed an image for people to visualize when they think of that company. often it’s a logo, obviously all the companies I mentioned earlier have very prominent logos, the Nike swoosh, the classic Coca-Cola font, and the iconic apple. There’s more than just a logo though, apple for example has branded their company with a very clean gray scale color scheme, especially in recent years. Apple’s typography, colors, and images are consistent throughout all of their media. Branding is all about letting people know who you are through visual material.

If you’d like more information about branding and what Open Avenue can do for your business please contact us through our contact form.
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