Photography for every occasion, from weddings and graduations to real-estate and auto sales. All of our pictures are taken with professional equipment and digital SLR cameras.


With an ever competitive market for real-estate and car sales it is more important then ever to capture the full value of your home or automobile.


(High Dynamic Range) photographs are the future of photography, making your photograph seem more vivid and dramatic. We are proud to offer quality HDR photographs at exceptional prices.

Milk bottling center.


Companies need pictures. It’s important to keep your customers and clients informed and connected. We offer several corporate photography packages at exceptional prices.


We also offer creative photography using filters and digital enhancement. Great for artists, musicians, and models looking to add some spice to their image.

Wedding Photograph


When it comes to wedding photography the moments are priceless. They’ll live in your heart forever but you’ll only see them with your eyes once. That’s why it’s so important to capture those moments when they come. Open Avenue is there to make sure your dream is captured and it’s done in a way that makes you feel special when looking over your photographs just as you did walking down the isle.
A local complimentary consultation is the first step in mapping out the day so not a moment is missed. Once you’ve decided on what package you want, we’ll locate your preferred locations for portraits, we’ll schedule wedding day shoots, and then here comes the bride!
Your reception is an important part of the day too and you’ll want to remember it just as it happened, so the pictures continue until the moment your getaway car leaves the drive.

We don’t stop at just taking your photo’s but there’s hours and hours of editing involved after the big day. We balance all of your pictures to make sure the lighting is just right and if you want we can apply special effects to select photo’s (of course we’ll give you all the originals as well).

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