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Anchorage Big Wild Life branding research

Between the busses, radio advertisements and trendy tote bags, you’ve probably noticed Anchorage Big Wild Life. The city’s new slogan introduced in 2007 has been plastered about in an effort to brand Anchorage as a perfect blend of urbanity and wilderness. The campaign, which no doubt cost more than most

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Anchorage designers unhappy with centennial logo contest

The city of Anchorage will reach its centennial milestone in 2015 and to commemorate the momentous occasion there will be many community events leading up to the grand finale in July. The centennial committee has begun preparation for the event nearly 3 years before the centennial and early on they’ve

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What is Branding?

Since Glacier Graphics & Web Design changed to Open Avenue Design + Branding, I’ve heard quite a few people ask what is branding? No, we do not go around searing the back side of cows with hot metal irons. Branding is referring to “brand” as in brand name clothing, electronics,

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Open Avenue Blogging continues

This is the first blog post made since the transition from Glacier Graphics & Web Design to Open Avenue Branding + Design. This blog will continue to provide insight into graphic design and web design, as well as new technologies and products. Earlier this year I discussed Apple’s new iPhone

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Designed with a purpose in mind.

I recently made the site for Generations Medical Center based in Wasilla, Alaska. I think it looks fantastic. It’s a very clean site which is great for a medical center, not for a day care. That’s a very important thing to consider when you have a site made. What

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Are graphic designers flooding the workforce?

This last year I have met more graphic designers than Carter has liver pills (as my grandmother would say). I started to think about how many young people are pursuing a career in graphic design and you could see how that could be worrying for me; but, I’m not worried.

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Trending designs.

I’ve recently taken on the role of Design Director for True North Magazine based out of Anchorage, Alaska. This has set me on a journey to discover what is trending in magazine design and as usual there is no solid answer. Magazine design is not that different from other graphic

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