Is Google hindering free speech?

I’ve been working on some search engine optimization lately and I began thinking about how web designers have to constantly keep in mind how Google will rank the pages we create. We have to remain conscious of our wording and our design in order to appease Google’s robots crawling the

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Anchorage Web Design

After years of successful business in the Mat-Su Valley, Open Avenue has expanded to serve Anchorage, Alaska as well. We are a full service graphic & web design company with a focus on clean, modern and useable design. Anchorage is a vibrant, beautiful and energetic city that deserves professional design

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What is Branding?

Since Glacier Graphics & Web Design changed to Open Avenue Design + Branding, I’ve heard quite a few people ask what is branding? No, we do not go around searing the back side of cows with hot metal irons. Branding is referring to “brand” as in brand name clothing, electronics,

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Now Serving the Anchorage Community

Open Avenue is excited to be branching out from the Palmer Wasilla area to Anchorage and beyond. If you’re located in the Anchorage area please feel free to give us a call or email. We’d be happy to meet with you.

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Open Avenue Blogging continues

This is the first blog post made since the transition from Glacier Graphics & Web Design to Open Avenue Branding + Design. This blog will continue to provide insight into graphic design and web design, as well as new technologies and products. Earlier this year I discussed Apple’s new iPhone

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Google website ranking update.

I was excited to see that glacier graphics is now on the first page when searching for “wasilla web design” as well as “wasilla websites” It even comes up first or second for more specific searches like “wasilla graphic design”. also comes up for search terms I wasn’t targeting

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