Anchorage Big Wild Life branding research

Between the busses, radio advertisements and trendy tote bags, you’ve probably noticed Anchorage Big Wild Life. The city’s new slogan introduced in 2007 has been plastered about in an effort to brand Anchorage as a perfect blend of urbanity and wilderness. The campaign, which no doubt cost more than most

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Anchorage designers unhappy with centennial logo contest

The city of Anchorage will reach its centennial milestone in 2015 and to commemorate the momentous occasion there will be many community events leading up to the grand finale in July. The centennial committee has begun preparation for the event nearly 3 years before the centennial and early on they’ve

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Beautiful Alaskan Sunset

This beautiful sunset was too much to pass up while driving to Wasilla from Anchorage. Sometimes you just have to pull over and get the picture, this time I think it was definitely worth it. It’s amazing how beautiful Alaska can be even when it’s one of the ugliest (in

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Anchorage Graphic Design

Graphic design is a vital part of every business whether it’s in Anchorage or Talkeetna. Design projects range from branding an entire business, which involves all visual material representing a business to small projects like creating business cards. Big or small projects, Open Avenue is here to serve you. We

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Serving beyond Anchorage in a digital world.

The services we offer here at Open Avenue go beyond the city limits of Anchorage, Alaska. We love serving interstate and international clients through a variety of methods. Some clients prefer to communicate entirely through email, some through phone communication. We’re happy to communicate whatever way works best for you!

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Facebook Photo Contest Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook photo contest, whether you entered a photo or liked your friends pictures! The contest has been incredibly successful, the Open Avenue Facebook page reached about 2000 people! We also have over 100 likes and an engaged user audience. There were some

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