Our Philosophy

At Open Avenue we believe in welcoming every opportunity with an open mind to the challenges and potential at hand. The “Open” in our name is because we welcome discussion and interaction while always being honest and upfront with our valuable customers. “Avenue” literally means a way of approaching a problem or making progress toward a goal. These two words encompass our identity and our mission, to approach problems welcoming interaction and transparency as we progress towards an end product that surpasses expectations.

Some History

Open Avenue was known as Glacier Graphics & Web Design until July of 2012. Glacier Graphics had been serving Alaska since 2009 with top quality web and graphic design. The transition from Glacier Graphics to Open Avenue is a significant step signifying the companies growth into new markets while leaving opportunity for further advancement. As Open Avenue continues to grow we want our customers to know that we will always place a number one priority on providing excellent service and results to our valuable customers.

Creative Network

Open Avenue is part of a powerful multi-media network of creative individuals that create outstanding media in Alaska and Arizona. We only take on what we know we can do excellently and if there’s something that can’t be done in house at Open Avenue we can refer you to another professional in that area of interest. We will never take on something that can’t be done first class.

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